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  "We Support Those Who Fight For Our Freedom And For Those Around The World Who Deserve Freedom!

Patriots Love Freedom, Infidels Are What We Are Called."

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Show American Pride In What You Wear

Veteran Owned and Operated!

Show Your Pride with Patriotic Clothing

Patriot Infidel is clothing for people who are proud of their country and the culture in which they live. Our enemies may call us infidels, but we are happy to accept that title. Support those who fight for our freedom, as well as those around the world who need and deserve such freedom by simply shopping with us.

Perfect for nearly any kind of weather, our cozy pullovers look just as great as they feel. They're also comfortable enough to wear around the house with your PJs.

Pullover Hoodies

These are excellent workout shirts to show off your patriotism while pumping some iron. We have multiple designs available here at Patriot Infidel, including a tank top for active women and our traditional men's workout tee.


Please check out these patches to put on hats, jackets, bags, or any other clothing. They have Velcro on the back for easy attachment.


One of our favorite Patriot Infidel Veterans serving his country right now!

Karl S

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About Us

Patriot Infidel carries patriotic clothing and workout clothes to support our military and veterans. We serve patriots here, near Boise, Idaho, and across the country. If you are against radicalism trying to destroy our way of life, let your voice be heard with our apparel. What started off as a veteran making his own shirts for fun has evolved into a thriving American business run by patriots for patriots.

Over the course of more than 25 years in the military, our owner, Karl King has had multiple deployments in the Middle East. Upon returning from Afghanistan, he wanted to make sure that people understood what we are fighting for. He has since helped with the Wounded Warrior Project™, and continues to work in the military to fight for freedom.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people be aware of those who are serving and also the veterans who have served.

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